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Mok Chuan Lian

Intake 13 Sept 2020 – 10 days How was your experience in Aenon?I had a great stay at Aenon, truly relaxing and meaningful as I’ve learnt a lot on how I can manage my lifestyle, take control and improve my health. What have your learnt during your stay in Aenon? I have learnt many interesting and […]

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Healthy Ways To Strengthen Your Immune System

Dear Aenon Alumnus, Greetings to each one of you. I believe that at this moment, with the Covid19 pandemic, many of you are concerned and maybe thinking, “what should I do to keep my immune system strong”. In this article, let me highlight some of the changes

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Gary Davis

Being a Bible-believing Pentecostal, I felt so blessed when my friend in Sydney recommended that I attend a “Lifestyle to Health” Christian wellness retreat located in Tampin, Malaysia. Prior to traveling to Malaysia I had already been successful in losing a total of 25 kilograms over ten weeks with increased exercise and a ketogenic lifestyle. […]

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8 Simple Principles to Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and recovery. At Aenon Health Care, our cooking classes, meals, and cookbooks all demonstrate the variety, appeal, and satisfaction of wholesome plant-based vegetarian cuisine. In addition, our health lecturers will explain the issues that link nutrition with health or disease in their lectures. Exercise Action is […]

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A Compilation of Testimonials

I am really thankful for the wholistic health program offered in Aenon. It was a very hospitable and educative experience for me. Excellent service to the health guests with sincerity, passion, loving-kindness and humility is highly appreciated. (more…)

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Ms. Chong Fei Gin, helps out in an orphanage home. She came with many complaints of allergy often fatigue, having running nose and blocked sinuses. (more…)

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Autoimmune Diseases

I’ve been suffering from lupus (SLE) since 1987. Lupus is a progressive and potentially serious disease; it can affect nearly every organ in the body. For my case, it affected my platelet counts there is no cure for lupus but drugs such as steroids to control it. I have been on steroid for more than 10 years. (more…)

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Diabetes Mellitus

Mr. James Wong, a Type II diabetic for more then 20 years came with a blood sugar as high as 22 mmol/l in 2004. Accompanied with his wife he was very determined to reduce his blood sugar with lifestyle changes. (more…)

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Ms. Koh Li Ting from Singapore is a very energetic and lively lady. However, unexpectedly in August 2010, she was diagnosed with Melanoma. She underwent two surgeries only to receive the news that the cancer has spread to more lymph nodes. The fulfillment of her dreams suddenly seems to be all shattered. (more…)

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