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Gary Davis

Being a Bible-believing Pentecostal, I felt so blessed when my friend in Sydney recommended that I attend a “Lifestyle to Health” Christian wellness retreat located in Tampin, Malaysia. Prior to traveling to Malaysia I had already been successful in losing a total of 25 kilograms over ten weeks with increased exercise and a ketogenic lifestyle. My main focus in attending the Aenon Health Care Centre in Tampin was to learn more about cleansing, detoxing, vegetarian nutrition and how we can understand God’s purpose in our lives and how that relates to a changed health and lifestyle outcome.

Aenon Health Care is a ten-minute drive from Tampin, a small community surrounded by mountains approximately 45 minutes from the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Malacca, Malaysia, where you are truly situated in a beautiful lush green paradise with the most beautiful vistas looking towards the Straits of Malacca. This place offers the best relaxation of your body, mind and spirit.

Once you turn off the main road onto their 1.3 kilometre access road you immediately feel like you are commencing a new life experience, especially as you travel through large areas of rubber tree plantations, beautiful natural rock formations, farmed areas of exotic fruits with a backdrop of beautiful native rainforests and an abundance of wildlife everywhere enjoying their natural habitat.

On arrival at this facility you immediately feel like family with a sense of belonging and you will enjoy a feeling of warmth, love and kindness with a beautiful sense of fellowship not only among the staff but also among the fellow health guests. It really becomes an extended family environment.

The medical team, therapists and support workers are truly amazing people. If there was one standout person I could highlight in this program, it would be Ms Lee Chu as she truly epitomises the love of God and is not only loving, kind and caring towards her own staff, she also treats all health guests equally.

Aenon Health is so well organised and really caters to everybody and does very well in accommodating young families and is never any problem for the staff. The facilities, including the rooms, are very clean and comfortable and the outside areas are awesome for exercise or just walking close by to enjoy selfies.

Mr David Fam, the founder of Aenon wellness retreat, is absolutely awe-inspiring with his great testimony of God’s power and abundant blessings over his life and how God’s love, strength and prosperity has changed the lives of so many people. His testimony, love and compassion for everybody he meets is so overwhelming and every area of this beautiful wellness program is God-centred!!!

I challenge anybody who is currently dying in poor health, please attend Aenon wellness centre as God is waiting with a place for you so you will receive total wholeness in your body. I truly thank God for Aenon Health Care Malaysia.