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Medical Specialities

Today, many people suffer from degenerative diseases such as atherosclerotic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and various autoimmune diseases. These diseases can be prevented and reversed to a great extent by lifestyle management: incorporating health education, preventive medicine and simple natural remedies.

Aenon offers a specially designed and supervised health treatment program to restore health from many of these degenerative diseases.

There is remarkable success or improvement in the following areas:

Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune diseases arise from an overactive immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. In other words, the body attacks its own cells. Autoimmune diseases are a major cause of immune-mediated diseases. Having completed the Intensive Health Program, some degree of immune modulation has been achieved. Continuing the lifestyle and treatments at home has achieved significant results.

Recommended program: Intensive Health Program

Diabetes Mellitus

Remarkable results have been achieved with Type II diabetics. A juice fast and omitting oral or insulin injections for the few days during the fast have helped to reduce dosages of oral diabetic medications or insulin after the fast when food and medications were reintroduced. The accompanying loss of weight aids in better blood sugar control.

Recommended program: Lifestyle to Health Program

Early Cancer

The Aenon-recommended lifestyle programs aid in the prevention of diseases of the affluent – of which cancer is one of them. Combining lifestyle changes and natural remedies with conventional treatment gives a great advantage to those with early cancer. Detoxification and rebuilding of the immune system is the goal of the Cancer Battle Program.

Recommended program: Cancer Battle Program

Heart Disease Reversal

Unknown to many, the hidden oil and cholesterol in most foods contribute to high lipids. Together with insufficient antioxidants in our diet, we have a higher risk of atherosclerosis. By merely having knowledge of the nutritional content in food and being motivated to change one’s choices of food, a significant reduction of blood lipids can be achieved. Long-term results are very encouraging.

Recommended program: Lifestyle to Health Program

High Blood Pressure Control

A modern lifestyle with its accompanying stress in life is a contributing factor to high blood pressure. Learning to de-stress, following some simple natural therapies and having herbal supplements have aided in a significant blood pressure reduction. Even a minimal reduction in blood pressure results in great improvement in outcomes from complications.

Recommended program: Lifestyle to Health Program

Stop Smoking

Having completed the Stop Smoking Program, some guests have written to inform us that their achievement certificate worded “I Quit. I am a non smoker”, still holds to this day. Juice fasting with a daily Russian Steam Bath, supported by herbal teas, promotes detoxification and reduces withdrawal symptoms. With accompanying psychological preparation, a long-term achievement is possible.

Recommended program: Stop Smoking Program

Weight Reduction & Control

Most of our guests have been delighted with the results achieved and motivated for even further reduction in weight through the new way of life learned at Aenon. Now they are able to enjoy healthy and deliciously cooked food and lose weight! Exercise becomes a joy as the pounds are shed.

Recommended program: Lifestyle to Health Program

We treat primarily with nutrition (well balanced special diets, juicing, herbal teas, supplements), daily exercises, Swedish massages and various treatment modalities such as hydrotherapy, including the use of heat: temperature-controlled hot baths, fomentations, hot foot baths and Russian steam baths. Far infra-ray treatments as well as colonic irrigations or cleansing enemas may be recommended.

Each health guest receives regular consultations which include a complete medical history and physical examination by the doctor during admission. A complete laboratory blood test is performed the subsequent morning. The health guest program is individualized, with regular consultations to assess their health status and progress during their stay.

In addition, we have an extensive program of health education and an orientation on preventive medicine. Health and nutrition lectures are given to the guests five days a week. We also offer demonstrations in healthful cooking as well as personal instruction and counselling in areas such as smoking cessation and disease management. A participant’s manual together with educational reading materials are provided for ready reference.

Group activities and support among health guests and the staff play a major role in overcoming cravings and the challenging moments in one’s illness.

On completing the program, each health guest would:

Have achieved maximum health benefits.
Be prepared and equipped to return home to maintain the health benefits achieved!
If you are struggling with other diseases or uncertain if the programs would be beneficial to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.