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  • We'are <span>ON AIR!</span>

    We'are ON AIR!

    Aenon podcasts are available now! Kindly download the Loud Voice App in order to listen to our latest health programmes!

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  • Health Consultation within <span>Easy Reach</span>

    Health Consultation within Easy Reach

    Aenon Health Care is introducing a convenient professional health consultation program within easy reach. Send us an enquiry for more details or make an appointment now!

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  • Cook Your Way to Health

    Cook Your Way to Health

    Aenon is introducing a Plant-Based Cooking Class Program. If you want to expose yourselves on the vegan journey or thinking about a short getaway from the city, then this is the program for you.

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  • Back to Nature Birding Program

    Back to Nature Birding Program

    Aenon is introducing a brand new program for bird lovers. Limited seats available, kindly enrol now!

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  • Your healthy lifestyle <span>start here!</span>

    Your healthy lifestyle start here!

    To be acquainted with what is offered here in Aenon, and have a preview of Aenon's activities follow us on a tour now.

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  • <span>Qualified Staff</span> With Expertise in Services We Offer

    Qualified Staff With Expertise in Services We Offer

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  • Medical Services That <span>You Can Trust</span>

    Medical Services That You Can Trust

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Our Specialities

Today, many people suffer from degenerative diseases. These diseases to a great extent can be prevented and reversed by lifestyle management: incorporating health education, preventive medicine and simple natural remedies.

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Natural Remedies

We treat primarily with nutrition (well balanced vegan diets, juicing, herbal teas, supplements), daily exercises, massages and various treatment modalities such as hydrotherapy.

Tailor-Made Program

After a complete medical history and physical examination by the doctor, each guest will receive a personal conditioning program tailored to meet their needs.

Qualified Doctors

We have medical doctors with experience in conventional and natural medicine, who are responsible for consultations and planning of the individualized Lifestyle programs.

Life-Changing Experience

Our goal is to treat the whole person, help you to obtain the health of body, mind and spirit, and live life to the fullest!

Meet our Medical Specialists

The Lifestyle Center is managed by a dedicated and caring team of experienced health care providers consisting of the doctors, nurses, trained therapists and health educators.

Dr. Lee Yew Hoong

Dr Lee Yew Hoong is the medical director and co-founder of Aenon Health Care. As a medical doctor, he practices evidence-based lifestyle medicine interventions together with natural remedies since 1998. He is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician from the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine and the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. He also holds a Fellowship from the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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Dr. Chew Sze Ted

Dr. Chew Sze Ted has been a senior lecturer for 15 years in the Faculty of Science, Asia-Pacific International University. Involved in teaching Anatomy & Physiology to students obtaining a Nursing degree, and to students entering Medicine and Dentistry.

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Dr. Pua Sze Ning

Dr Pua Sze Ning, a MBBS graduate from Christian Medical College, India. She has worked as amedical doctor in the O & G department, Muar and the lifestyle centre in Penang Adventist Hospital.She believes that prevention is better than cure and wants to encourage and assist society to have a better lifestyle with NEWSTART.

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Mr. David Fam

Mr. David Fam, founder and president of Aenon Institute, Malaysia. He has been working in the Health Ministry since 1989, which involved pioneering, consulting, and training. He has since started Aenon Health Care (1999), Health and Bible Training Program (1999), Loud Voice Media ( 2006), COI - City Vegan Restaurant (2015) and has helped in the starting of health work in other countries.

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Health Programs

Our tailor-made health programs benefit everyone who desires to learn more about health principles and its practical applications to achieve a higher quality of living.

P1 Lifestyle to Health Program
P2 Cancer Battle Program
P3 Intensive Health Program
P4 Stop Smoking Program
P1 Lifestyle to Health Program

Modern life with its accompanying stresses is a contributing factor to many diseases. Learning how to de-stress and a correct understanding of diseases, in addition to following some simple natural therapies are useful in restoring health.

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P2 Cancer Battle Program

Combining lifestyle changes and natural remedies with conventional treatment gives a great advantage to those with early cancer. Detoxification and rebuilding of the immune system is beneficial as well.

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P3 Intensive Health Program

Autoimmune diseases are immune-mediated diseases. This program aims to achieve some degree of immune modulation to decrease recurrent attacks and to encourage remission.

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What our guests say about Aenon

Glee and happiness often is seen in the faces of our health guests at the end of their program. Let's hear what they say about us.

  • I am really thankful for the wholistic health program offered in Aenon. It was a very hospitable and educative experience for me. Excellent service to the health guests with sincerity, passion, loving-kindness and humility is highly appreciated.

  • Everyone I met was so lovely and warmingly welcomed us. Dr. Lee gave me a clear consultation and comforting words which really encouraged me. Mr. David Fam also gave us an impressive orientation on the first night.

  • I felt like a part of big family when I was in Aenon. Each person did their work with such patience and kindness allowing the guests to feel comfortable and secure. There is personal professionalism and team professionalism. All are done with a joyful spirit.

  • If this place is not commendable, I would not have recommended it to many friends. Moreover, I would not have come to Aenon time after time. The workers have lovely attitude and wonderful spirit of service.

  • Thank you Aenon for offering such a wonderful-natural place with fresh air and excellent service. Whether it be the services or the workers, everything and every person are fantastic.

Latest News

News, announcements, health tips, and many more!

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