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P4 Stop Smoking Program

Juice fasting with daily Russian Steam Bath, supported with herbal teas promotes detoxification and reduces withdrawal symptoms.

  • A complete medical history and physical examination
  • A complete laboratory blood tests at the beginning and a repeat blood tests where necessary at the end of the session
  • Doctor’s consultation
  • Hydrotherapy treatments
  • Enema cleansing (Optional & additional charge apply)
  • Swiss massage
  • Daily exercise session
  • Health & nutrition lecture
  • Vegetarian cooking class
  • Educational video show
  • Individual counseling & care
  • Group activity & support
  • A participant’s manual
  • Well-balanced & nutritious meal
  • Cosy accommodation (Twin sharing)

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The above list is typical, though details may vary. Spouse and companion are encouraged to come with guests, as this increases the chances for success.

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