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A Compilation of Testimonials

I am really thankful for the wholistic health program offered in Aenon. It was a very hospitable and educative experience for me. Excellent service to the health guests with sincerity, passion, loving-kindness and humility is highly appreciated. Though just a short stay of 5 days, what I experienced was more than just detox and health education. The the wisdom and loving care at Aenon are actually the most important lecture I have learnt from Aenon.


I was using a walking stick to move around when I first got to Aenon Health Care. Occasionally, I would need the assistance of others to walk. My legs had not enough strength to support my body. When I walk for too long or stand for a long time my legs would feel painful. On the third day of joining the 5 days Lifestyle to Health Program at Aenon, I felt so much more refreshed and my legs also felt lighter. To my surprise, I was able to walk to the dining hall without assistance and much more miraculous I could walk quite stably without my walking stick. I was so happy and thankful to the health program offered in Aenon. It was a really great experience. Thanks be to God and Aenon! On the very day I left, I walked away with any assistance or my walking stick. I wish to continue the lifestyle changes as taught by Aenon when I go back to my hometown.


During my few days in Aenon I felt I am holding onto the hands of God once again. I am touched because they always start with a prayer in whatever they do.


The attitude for service is excellent. I am very impressed with the youth trained by this institution.


I really enjoy the comfortable and natural environment with fresh cozy air. The people here are very friendly and they have became to me like intimate friends. Everything here is very commendable.


If this place is not commendable, I would not have recommended it to many friends. Moreover, I would not have come to Aenon time after time. The workers have lovely attitude and wonderful spirit of service.


After fasting I felt really good and refreshed. I promise to give myself a reward to come to Aenon for retreat at least once a year.

The room is designed with elagance and simplicity, not with expensive items but clean and cozy; like a home. Sufficient amnities were supplied for the room.

Thank you Aenon for offering such a wonderful-natural place with fresh air and excellent service. Whether it be the services or the workers, everything and every person are fantastic.


On the first day of the program, my son brought my daughter and I to Aenon. As we drove pass Taman Clonlee on the tough road, I felt afraid and worried in my heart. However, when I arrived at the health center I felt the love of Jesus.

Everyone I met was so lovely and warmingly welcomed us. Dr Lee gave me a clear consultation and comforting words which really encouraged me. Mr. David Fam also gave us an impressive orientation on the first night.

Even though the food may not suit my taste bud on the first few meals, but I enjoy it so much on the following days.

In Singapore, we hardly find people (especially young people) that would serve God diligently and faithfully. I am very impressed by the young people to spend their young age in serving the Lord.

We had a great time with all the staffs and health guests. Although some of the health guests have serious illness and were broken hearted but we share love and friendship with one another. All the health guests became cheerful and happy as a result of the fellowship. Especially one of the health guest – Benny, he always bring joy to us. I was always laughing until I had to run to toilet for relief. I have never laughed like this in my life in Singapore.

I thank God for this wonderful place.


I was impressed by the humility of the workers not only in their willingness to serve the guests but also having a teachable heart to learn from the guests on extra knowledge which they might not know. I felt like a part of big family when I was there. Each person did their work with such patience and kindness allowing the guests to feel comfortable and secure. There is personal professionalism and team professionalism. All are done with a joyful spirit.


I have been a vegetarian for 25 years and during that time I was very keen for my mother to benefit from a vegetarian diet too as old age was catching up with her and she was visibly growing weaker rapidly. She is now 84 years old and had resisted changing for 25 years!

She held typical Chinese beliefs with regard to food. She believed that meat was good for health and that most vegetables were “cooling”. She suffered from anxiety, had runny stools and was incontinent. She did not believe in exercise and actually thought that strength came from resting.

Once she fell down the stairs at home and subsequently, apart from coming downstairs once a day, she kept to her upstairs room.

One day, as a pot of her favourite soup was ready and still piping hot, I put a handful of alfalfa sprouts into it. She would not drink it as she thought that it would weaken her and make her incontinence worse.

As a last resort I brought her to Aenon for a 20 day program. She was miraculously transformed.

In the first few days in Aenon, she was required to walk much more than usual. She complained of aches and pains which however disappeared after 5 days. On her first day, she was assisted up a slight slope in the building and as her strength grew, she walked up the same slope on the 7th day without any assistance. Now, at home, she comes down stairs often and goes for regular morning walks.

She has given up coffee, drinks fresh juice in the morning, eats a good portion of fruits and extols the benefits of being a vegetarian. She is less anxious and not as complaining.

If she had been released from her false notions 25 years earlier, her health would be even better. But, for an 84 year old to be transformed is itself a miracle! Credit goes to the staff at Aenon.