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Mok Chuan Lian

Intake 13 Sept 2020 – 10 days

  1. How was your experience in Aenon?
    I had a great stay at Aenon, truly relaxing and meaningful as I’ve learnt a lot on how I can manage my lifestyle, take control and improve my health.
  2. What have your learnt during your stay in Aenon? 
    I have learnt many interesting and educational things especially their concept of vegetarian. I have always thought that a vegetarian diet is also not healthy but Aenon has shown me that their plant-based diet and the method of cooking is actually healthy and good for our body. It has also been an eye-opener for me to learn the simple home remedies and treatments used to treat some ailments. 
  3. What do you like about this place? 
    The whole setup of the centre is so conducive for healing plus educational. Not only are the health guests well taken care of by the caring and dedicated therapists and all staff, but the facilities are also set up to ensure that the health guests focuses only on their healing. Our rooms and meals are taken care of, we have doctors, nutritionists, therapists whom we can consult with and also gave us health lectures. Cooking classes are conducted by some of the staff and I have learnt a lot on the method of preparing a good meal!
  4. How well do you see Aenon in applying COVID-19 SOP? Are you satisfied/feel safe with these new COVID-19 policies? 
    I see that the SOPs are followed very strictly, temperatures are taken daily for everyone including staff and sanitisation is carried out frequently. I feel completely at ease with their procedures.
  5. How does the natural remedies treatments helped you with your health conditions?
    I went to Aenon with the condition of High Blood Pressure and High Blood Glucose. With the Lifestyle program, my BP went down to normal and my blood glucose came down after to an average of 5.4. The type of food selected for me and its proportions, the foot garlic footbaths, steam baths, massage treatments, the juices and herbal teas definitely has helped to improve my condition.

    The overall care, support and dedication of all staff has helped tremendously with my healing. I’d like to thank all at Aenon for the experience that I have gone through and especially for educating me that I can take care of myself healthily.