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Testimony from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Lifestyle Management Center from HKAH-Tsuen Wan organized a NEWSTART 10-Day Program to Aenon Health Care in Malaysia from July 22 to 31, 2018. The trip was a great success. 30 participants joined and they are now all equipped to have a Newstart routine for better health. Here are some of their testimonies:  

Hello everyone, we are Mr Kwong & Mrs Kwong.

Mr. Kwong:”I had completed 6 days juice detox, I felt much lighter and had lots more energy. Not only that, I learnt lots of practical skills from the program such as how to make simple plant-based food, having regular time to exercise daily… I had lost more than 3kg. Every afternoon, we got some treatment like hydrotherapy and massage which were really comfortable. I used to be a couch potato when I was in Hong Kong, but now I am determined to make an adjustment to my lifestyle, to make a NEWSTART of my health.” 

Mrs. Kwong:”The thing which was accomplished in this trip was beyond my expectation. I used to have knee pain, finding it difficult to go up hill due to my lower back issue. During my stay in Aenon, the physician had prescribed the infra red light treatment on my lower back. I went hiking during my stay, my knee was not painful at all. I believe all the lifestyle measures like juice fasting, having plant-based diet and other lifestyle intervention contributed to the quick and amazing result, within days. The items included in the body-check package was extremely broad, the lab test results were so comprehensive which I believe is the most  complete health report I have ever had in my whole life.”

We have recommended our friends to join their next program.

Hello,  my name is Vivian. Due to work, my stress level was tremendous for the whole year before coming to the program, my weight increasing non-stop as eating was the way I deal with stress. I had tried lots of different methods to lose weight, seeing a dietitian, having meal replacements, etc. However, these methods did not make my weight problem go away as I snack a lot in between meals. Even wanting to lose 1 pound was difficult.

Coming to Aenon changed my dietary habit. It cut off my snacking habit in between meals. One of the major reasons, I believe, is that the health center was surrounded by beautiful nature. I could spend lots of time in nature which comforted me and helped relieve my stress. 

Before coming to the program, I went traveling non-stop in different countries in order to de-stress, but those kind of travels are completely different than the NEWSTART program, cause when we go traveling, we have tight schedules in order to check-in the spots that we want to go sightseeing. But when I was at Aenon, I was completely relaxed. 

Participating in juice fasting for 3 days, and transiting to a plant-base diet after that, I had lost 3 kg just in the first few days of the program. This trip not only helps my health, it heals my spirit. Listening to lots of testimonies uplifted my spirit and gave me hope and courage to deal with life.