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Linda Chew

I am Linda Chew from Singapore. I was diagnosed in the year 2004 with stage 2 breast cancer. I went through surgery on December 8th, 2004. After the necessary treatment in Singapore and with all medical reports collected, I proceeded to Aenon Health Care in Melaka in early 2005.

I am giving this testimony to all readers to inform you that I have up to now visited Aenon many times.

This was how I knew about Aenon. A friend of mine, named Julie, knew that I wanted to do alternative treatment. She called me and told me about Aenon. So I said, “Ok, I will go to Aenon.”

So before I went to Aenon, I made a call and I spoke to Dr Lee, and he asked me to bring all of my medical reports with me. 

As I joined the treatment program, I found out that I was not just receiving a treatment for my physical needs, I was amazed that I also showered with love. Wonderful doctors and therapists humbly served me with understanding, love and care, and they were always cheerful. They were like angels to me. So during this program, I experienced not only physical healing but mental and spiritual healing too.

During my program, I had received treatments such as a fever bath, steam bath and massage, salt glow, ozone steam bath, infra-red sauna, dome and infra-red light treatment. All those treatments helped boost and strengthen my immune system and I felt in better health.

Not only that, I learned of “NEWSTART”, which is very essential for a healthy life. Now, I am still practicing “NEWSTART”. And whenever I feel the need to be pampered, I will visit Aenon. Aenon is just like my second home and they are always in my heart.