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The One who created our bodies knows what we need more than any one else and He has give us the examples. He admonishes: Come ye apart and rest awhile.

I listened, obeyed and was led to a place where I found the most peaceful, rejuvenating, mind and body healing (Wholesome Rest)- AENON~

My little heaven on earth. A place with truly lovely and caring therapists and where all my needs were met. Oh, how I wish it was nearer to my home here in England. I have had two visits and long for a third. I do hope to be there again very soon. 

All my needs were met. I went to Aenon quite unwell and felt my body shutting down. My doctor was concerned because my body wasn’t absorbing minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin D.

My joints were painful and stiff which made me unable to bend my body. My breathing was shallow, resulting in low stamina so I couldn’t walk long and brisk. My skin was dry and rough to the touch and I had a pudgy stomach.

After consultation with Dr Lee at Aenon, I was put on a suitable course of treatment and assigned my own therapist who ably carried out the doctor’s instructions daily. I also had an exercise instructor who worked with us daily.

As a result, I returned to England lighter, fitter and healthier, and people who knew me were asking, “What have you done to yourself? Why, you look so good.”

My own doctor in England retested me with positively good results. My body was back to normal! 

Oh how I wish…