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Diabetes Mellitus

Mr. James Wong, a Type II diabetic for more then 20 years came with a blood sugar as high as 22 mmol/l in 2004. Accompanied with his wife he was very determined to reduce his blood sugar with lifestyle changes.

Though the health centre was fully occupied, he did not want to delay treatment and he was willing to stay with the students as he joined the program.

Joining the 10 Day Lifestyle to Health Program brought his blood sugar within good control. He went through a few days of fasting with juicing, participated in daily exercises and even learned to cook and eat in a healthier manner.

Armed with wisdom and knowledge to manage his sickness, he went home confidently and practiced what was learned. Within a period of 3 months, he was able to stop taking medication. He was also able to shed off many kilograms of weight and looks fitter then before.