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Opening Hours : (GMT+8) 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Sun-Thu) / 5 pm (Fri)
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Chiu Lin Fee

Warning: A visit to Aenon Health Care (AHC) may change your lifestyle!

Going on a health retreat has always been in my to-do list. So, when I heard about AHC, I indicated my interest and joined my friends on their next visit. I was excited that the 5-day program included a health screening and medical report, daily treatments and healthy cooking classes. AHC delivered more than I expected.

The program is structured to change our lifestyle should we choose to follow their routine:

(1) It can reprogram our sleeping hours to 9.30pm to 6am.

(2) It incorporates morning and evening stretching and walks in the great natural outdoors.

(3) It helps to reprogram our eating frequency to five-hour intervals.

(4) It changes our mindset about including meat in our diet by serving delicious vegan food.

(5) It teaches us to cook these delicious healthy meals, so that we can continue to eat healthily.

Our minds were fed with inspirational thoughts and knowledge on what we should eat, why and how to have a healthy digestive system, heart and overall good health of our mind, body and soul.

There was an option to fast via juicing, leading to a liver flush. After the first day of yummy vegan food, I decided to opt for juicing as I wanted to cleanse my liver and also take the opportunity to fast with guidance.

Though I was tempted to break my fast when I saw the variety of yummy vegan meals being served to my friends, I managed to persevere as the juices were also yummy and I did not feel hungry throughout.

There were enough activities to distract me from thinking about food. I enjoyed the daily treatments including a body scrub, steam bath, sauna and body massage, foot bath and shoulder massage.

There was an added bonus in fasting. During my quiet moments in my room, I experienced God’s answers to some issues which had troubled me, as I prayed and meditated on God’s word. This must be what God meant when He encouraged us to fast and pray.

Thank you AHC for the wonderful experience. I will be visiting again.