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Ms. Koh Li Ting from Singapore is a very energetic and lively lady. However, unexpectedly in August 2010, she was diagnosed with Melanoma. She underwent two surgeries only to receive the news that the cancer has spread to more lymph nodes. The fulfillment of her dreams suddenly seems to be all shattered.

Clinging with unflinching faith to her divine shepherd, she was often comforted and strengthened even though “uncertainty” is the only description for the path ahead.

Being told by her oncologist, the chances for the cancer recurrence is 70-80% and if it does recur, she may only have eight months to live. The recommended treatment for her was Interferon which will only reduce the recurrence by 10% without killing the cancer cells. Faced with such giant of darkness before her, Li Ting wondered how not to walk in fear, but her shepherd never failed to comfort her.

With the accompaniment of her sister, Li Ting came to Aenon Health Care to participate in the “20 days cancer battle program”. She experienced the lifestyle medicine taught at Aenon such as juicing, proper nutrition vegan diet, hydrotherapy, natural remedies like charcoal poultice, etc. Along with the encouraging environment offered at Aenon, she was greatly strengthened.

Initially, she arrived at Aenon with inability to walk very much because of the pain on her leg. Miraculously, as the days went by at Aenon, she was able to walk better.

After leaving Aenon, Li Ting continue to practice the lifestyle that she learned from Aenon and she continue to do treatment on herself with the help of friends and her sister.

Praise God! Today, her condition has much improved. She has returned to Aenon several times after her first visit. She even went on a hike on the hill next to the health center at Aenon.